Friday, October 18, 2019

'tis a shame

That the DNC folks care more about getting rid of Donald Trump than actually, you know, governing.

I mean, if they had spent all the effort that they have in somehow damaging Trump finding a way to make a decent budget, or passing some laws to help find a way to combat illegal immigration and help those who would be legal immigrants...perhaps a Guest Worker program....Perhaps combat poverty rather than continue it.....find ways to actually help the environment rather than create regulations that don't help but do strangle prosperity....

And if the Media were to spend as much effort telling the truth as they do propagandizing for the DNC causes.....

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

A good point relevant to the below post:

Very true.

Via Joel I bring you this:

Do we on the right get to squelch views which we find objectional?

Do we get to threaten (and possibly use violence) for those viewpoints and speeches which we dislike?

'Cause if y'all  are gonna let us pick and choose what ideas and speech are ok, then you aren't gonna like how that ends, either.

And if it takes violence, well, I think the Right has better ability to do it. Just best not to make it happen here, folks.

The only thing allowing your disgusting and outrageous speech and behavior is that we believe in the rule of law....
But if y'all wanna take that away, I think you will dislike the result.

Leftists Threaten To “Bring Out The Guillotine” If Theaters Show Jordan Peterson Documentary

Monday, October 14, 2019

Fake News


Seems that someone in the ABC file video department has some answering to do...

ABC issued a correction and apology Monday for reportedly using video from a Kentucky gun range while falsely claiming it depicted a fierce battle between Syrian Kurds and Turkish forces.

Notice all the folks with cell phone videoing the "Massacre" at Knob Creek in the video.

Remember, these news organizations think they can sell you dogshit and tell you it is Bean Dip...they think you (and all of their audience) is stupid enough to believe whatever they tell you...Sadly, for much of their audience, this is true, if only because no one questions what they see.

Driving instead of flying:

This time, the weather forecasters were completely correct.

I WAS gonna take MC to visit her sister in mid Michigan on Sunday.

Was planning on flying. But Ma Nature had other plans.

Sadly, the winds were a bit too much. While I CAN fly in 30+ knot winds, the crosswind component for my airport of intended landing (and the 3 closest alternates) was such that it would have been greater than that which the manufacturer recommends. And since I have to pay for the tires, I chose not to fly and instead drove.

'Twould have been a fast flight up though. forecast winds were 48 knots in an almost perfect tailwind at 5500 ft....The flight back, however, would have taken forever.

I obviously need to upgrade my airplane. Faster and more powerful. It's only money (and LOTS of it)/

As soon as I win the lottery.....

Saturday, October 12, 2019


So Jane Fonda is gonna get herself arrested every Friday on one coast or another in protest of "Climate Change".....

And really, I doubt she has stopped using (private) air travel to move about the country.

One wonders how she plans on getting from home to that arrest site each week?
I sincerely doubt she will be walking.......

I suppose an aging actress must do something to keep herself in the spotlight though. 

Two hunnerd fifty Million dollars

That's what the activism of CEO Ed Stack has cost the Dicks Sporting Goods. 

And, of course, the stockholders of the company.

But hey, he made a good effort and I am sure all his Woke friends are impressed by his efforts.

Of course, this gesture made ZERO difference on the streets of Baltimore and Chicago and LA and other Democrat controlled cities where "Gun Violence" is so prevalent.

But hey, he made his point about "Assault Rifles" too. and his useless gesture only cost about a quarter of a billion dollars of stockholder money.

But I bet it makes for GREAT conversation at cocktail parties...

'Tis interesting

That the accusations against Joe and Hunter Biden are "baseless" while all the innuendo against Trump are "legitimate".

I sometimes enjoy watching he morning news just to see the hypocrisy.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Proof that the RIght has our share of Whackos

I mean, read THIS and see just how whacked and conspiracy minded some folks can get

Found on Kenny's site

'Twas pointed out to me last night

that the folks in California who are without electricity these past few days...those 800,000 + people...

Are the beta testers for the Democrats "Green New Deal" that the DNC folks will implement if they get enough socialists Democrats elected next year.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Lies and the DNC

So the DNC types are claiming the "Whistleblower" is "apolitical" and only "Occasionally" "Worked alongside campaign officials">

And "the check is in the mail" and "I won't....

Do they really think anyone but the True Believers will buy this? 


I'd be more impressed with the statements made by "Leading Democrats" about the severity of this Ukraine thing if they hadn't squandered their credibility with all of their statements about the severity of the accusations about the whole "Russiagate" thing over the past few years...

It really looks like they are just throwing lots of stuff against the wall and hoping something sticks....and hoping that this whole mess allows them more latitude for their fishing expeditions than The "Russia Russia!!!" thing.

Either way, it doesn't look like they have much, certainly not any more than they had with the Russia/Campaign influence debacle....

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Monday, October 7, 2019

Dubble Stadndardz

So I HAVE to purchase health insurance.

The Feds said so....This was part of BarryCare "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care act". (Affordable! HAH). Yes, the current tax for failing to have "Acceptable" insurance is set to $0.00 (Thanks Donald Trump) but the mandate is still the force of law, if currently unenforced.

And yet, those same socialists people who applauded the Mandate for citizens are decrying the pending rule that will REQUIRE folks requesting an immigrant visa have similar health insurance or will be able to afford to purchase said insurance within 30 days. 

Odd, that double standard. They thought (and still think) that it was a good idea to require citizens to have insurance. Why not future citizens? 

Sunday, October 6, 2019


The incredible "outrage" the left in frothing about the fact that Donald Trump dared to ask for Hunter Biden to be investigated by Ukraine....

Yet NO ONE has ever stood up to declare that Hunter is a "Pure as Ivory" kind of guy...

One wonders exactly how sleazy Joe's son really is. 

Friday, October 4, 2019

Warning order

The Valpo Gunshow is happening this weekend.

There was no spring show due to refurbishment of the expo hall.

But they're BAAACKK!.

I highly recommend this as one of the best gunshows in the midwest. Not on a par size wise with the Indy 1500, but easily the equal for quality.

Besides, I will be selling raffle tickets there on Saturday.

Come buy one.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

"909" is gone

seven people died in a crash of a Collings Foundation B-17 bomber. 

A tragedy.

I've toured the "909" and met some of the folks who fly and maintain these aircraft.

No one knows what happened yet, but already people are telling us how dangerous these old aircraft are....

Blood dancing, if not to the degree that they do for a mass shooting.

But that is the Liberal way. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

double standards

So why s it that a late season 3 day heat wave is "Climate Change" and an indicator of a pending global climate Armageddon, yet the earlier spring unseasonably cool temperatures (that lasted WEEKS) were "just weather"?

Is there some sliding scale of which I am unaware?

Are there rules to this that bypass the normal scientific logic?


Tuesday, October 1, 2019


Amber Guyger: US ex-cop who killed neighbour found guilty

Despite the excuses made by Ms Guyger, and despite the treatment of the case by her fellow officers (they pretty much did all they could to whitewash the incident) a jury found her guilty. 

If this had been you or me, we'd likely never have gotten bail. 

Somehow went to the wrong floor, entered an apartment that had a RED doormat (her apartment didn't) and was furnished and painted differently (she claims she couldn't tell because it was dark) with the TV on and in a different location in the living room and shot a man who was IN HIS OWN APARTMENT. 

And she claimed it was in "Self Defense"...and thought that she could get away with that. 

I wonder if she will get a reasonable punishment...similar to that you or I would get had we "accidentally" killed a man in his own home? 


So it seems that the number of babies born with Microcephaly "Caused by Zika" had declined almost to zero.......It is in line with the rest of the world where mosquito borne Zika exists.....

About 9 months after the insect growth inhibitor was removed from the drinking water, in fact.

Strange, that correlation. Really strange.

And you haven't heard about that from the media, despite their hyping the Zika threat.