Friday, February 15, 2019

Screw that

Forget "declaring an emergency".

I'm all for Donnie simply refusing to sign the spending bill.

Go full shutdown again.

I don't want to see another shutdown. But I DO want our southern border least not open (as it is now).

Let Donnie go forward and ask why the Dems don't want to secure our southern border.

Let the shutdown happen (again). Let him stand fast.

And, just so I am clear, I think declaring an "emergency"  for wall funding is a misuse of presidential powers.  This has been an ongoing issue, and using the emergency powers is not right.

I still think he needs to call out ALL the legislators that won't fund the security of our southern border. Call 'em out by name and ask the American people to ask 'em WHY they won't. 


Bryan Dissen said...

Nope. Sold us out.
"Read my lips" 2019 version.

BC said...

You're right on.

Border security is one of the few absolutely critical things the federal government is supposed to be doing.

I would have no trouble with the president putting troops on the border to close it down, but declaring an emergency to spend money like this is bad gamesmanship and will only screw us all in the long run.

I don't see him winning a 2nd term with BS like this.