Monday, May 7, 2018

And this is why

Every time the NRA asks me for more money I cannot help but laugh at them.

Ollie North to be named as President of the NRA. 

Pete Brownell made sense.

Ollie North? Really? What is he bringing to the table?

I mean, he's better than Lon Horiuchi I guess....


Ane Lincoln said...

Ollie has withstood media scrutiny, has a background in the military, media, and politics. He has served in the military and government positions where he and his family were threatened by terrorists. Not a bad background for someone who must confront those who would and have threatened those who would stand for conservative values and the 2nd amendment. Look what Chris Cox and family, as well as, Dana Loesch have been subjected to. As a FORMER liberal Democrat and Hoosier I am proud of the NRA and their choice of Ollie North!!!!

riverrider said...

bring? connections