Tuesday, October 2, 2018

In a just world

Kavanaugh could sue Ms Ford for Defamation and win such an award for her trashing him with unproven (and likely unprovable) statements.

Jury awards ex-Army colonel 8.4 million dollars from blogger who defamed him. 

The parallels of the two cases are many.

One can hope. I mean her GoFundMe is at or near a million bucks.


PeteForester1 said...

Considering her lawyers are working pro bono, one can only wonder what she's going to do with the money... You would think the people donating the money would be wondering the same thing... before they donate the money... I guess their elevators just don't reach that floor...

DTWND said...

Two accusations with different instances. One is a blog on the internet for everyone to see, the other a letter to a senator who (or a staff member) then released it to the media.

The facts, true or not, are being investigated. I'll wait until Friday (the deadline) and read the results before I make any rash statements.