Friday, November 6, 2020


 One could not find a novel or other fictional story wherein the author could sell the idea that the populace (or half of it, anyway) would accept an election such as we have seen in the last few days.

Not in the United States, anyway.

This is something one would expect of a Banana Republic, where General Odious gets 99.47% of the vote to be reelected as Premier...and the population has no choice to accept it. 


Aaron said...

General Odious when informed he had won by 99.47% of the vote appeared glum.

When asked why was he not happy, only .53% of the population had voted against him, and what more could he want?

"Their names" He replied.

I don't expect the Dems to be anything but sore winners this go round.


Given an enormous list of reasons why Biden is calamitous - never mind the fraud - how is it possible he got even the votes he got????