Friday, July 31, 2020


So some kids in Evanston, Illinois were at the beach....and one of them had a beach towel in the form of a Confederate Flag. 

Much controversy. 

Odd. innit. There is Rightspeak, and Wrongspeak, and some folks symbols are sacred (like "Black Lives Matter" murals) but others are deemed "Bad". Some things are acceptable, but others are not. 
Just because a (currently) special class of people are offended, then a symbol (like the Confederate flag) is verboten. 

Of course, once the election is over, and the Dems no longer have a need for an agitated African American population (until the next election cycle) than the huhu will die down and things will go back to normal-ish...


Old NFO said...

I don't think so. This time they've ramped it up so high, there IS going to be a blowout.

Aaron said...

Doesn't even need to be a flag - here a teacher got fired - allegedly for tweeting to Open schools and a rather vanilla and inoffensive pro-Trump tweet. Teachers tweeting anti-Trump stuff, not so much.