Thursday, July 30, 2020


delaying the election:

Bad Idea. 

Mail in voting? Up to the states. 
I'm not a fan of the idea, and we already have enough fraud in our elections....Mostly DNC based, but some on the other side as well. 

But not voting on Nov 3 but some other, later day? I'm agin' it. Period. 

If it is safe enough to shop at your local grocery store, Wal-Mart, or Home Depot, then it is safe enough to vote. If yer afraid, then stay home, or sign up for an absentee ballot. So I see no reason to need mail in balloting either. 

I don;t care whether Trump or the DNC propose it,  both mail in ballots or postponing.......both are a Bad Idea...

ETA 7:30 pm Central: From the comments
"if high ranking officials can safely gather in close proximity for a 4 hour funeral for john lewis. ......
us common peons can stand in line for a short time to vote in person"


Peteforester said...

Trump put his Twitter foot in his mouth again today, suggesting that, if elections can’t be held as they normally are, that the election should be postponed. I get the idea, especially knowing how corrupt California’s mail-in ballot system is, but what he said was just plain RETARDED. The Left-wing media have been saying that if Trump loses the election, he’ll refuse to leave the White House. His “tweet” plays right into that. I wish this guy would just do his job and SHUT HIS MOUTH!

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

One thing you can say about Trump is that he has no inhibitions about reversing direction when information demands it.

That may be one of the things the Deep State finds most vexing about him. He is pragmatic rather than predictably bound by ideology.

Unknown said...

I live in Michigan. Our Secretary of State sent a mailing today that told us to go ahead and get a mail in ballot, but then take it and personally put it into the box at our local voting place.
Just to make sure that it got counted. That seems to me to be a horrible idea, and an even worse idea to tell the citizens. First they tell us, mail in voting is just fine, no problems with counting the ballots, or with voter fraud, or lost ballots. Then the Secretary of State tells us " Don't mail your ballot in, bring it in and personally put it in the 'voting box' yourself, to ensure that it gets counted."
We are supposed to trust this woman?


cannon said...

if high ranking officials can safely gather in close proximity for a 4 hour funeral for john lewis. ......
us common peons can stand in line for a short time to vote in person

Pete said...

A question for Peteforester: What is so corrupt about CA's mail-in ballot system?

I read a Californian's description of it not too long ago, and it seemed pretty solid--assigned bar code, name, signatures, birth dates, and SS last four matched up. It seemed pretty daunting to try and forge one vote, let alone the numbers needed to sway an election.


Pete said...

I'll open my question above up to everybody, and I'll not limit the scope to CA.

Tell me what the trouble points are for mail-in voting.

It's not like people are mailing in generic ballots that are interchangeable. Here in Georgia, like CA, there are identity requirements, like last 4 of SS, matching signature, birth date, etc.