Sunday, March 10, 2019

Faithful Discharge

So what with all the talk of impeachment of Donnie Trump, can we impeach (or recall) the senators from Hawaii?  (or can we, at least, get the folks in Hawaii to do so, since they are their senators)

Their oath is (in part) to " support and defend the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of Hawaii, and that I will faithfully discharge my duties to best of my ability." .

Seems to me that trying to destroy the Second Amendment of that Constitution (as well as the Hawaiian Constitution [Article 1 section 17] )is in violation of that oath. Pretty blatant violation, actually.
We have a process to amend the US Constitution (as does Hawaii for the State Constitution).
I am all for the United States Constitutional Convention to take place......
Lets open that ball. It'll be fun and exciting.....

Here's a list of those that have violated that oath:

Senator Stanley Chang
phone: 808-586-8420
fax: 808-586-8426

Senator Karl Rhoads
phone: 808-586-6130
fax: 808-586-6131

Senator Rosalyn H. Baker
phone: 808-586-6070
fax: 808-586-6071

Senator Dru Mamo Kanuha
phone: 808-586-9385
fax: 808-586-9391

Senator Laura H. Thielen
phone: 808-587-8388
fax: 808-587-7240

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Old NFO said...

If only... Most Mokes don't give a crap, as long as they get their free stuff.