Friday, July 6, 2018


Private Pilot.

Man, that whole escapade was a BITCH. Oral exam, then the Checkride. 9AM-3PM... no break for lunch 'cause we were racing thunderstorms coming from the west. Hot and humid, just to make things interesting with comfort and thermals to add to the fun.

But I did it.

Got my Temp certificate, and I am Official.

Now a Complex endorsement and a High Performance, and I think I will buy a 182....and spend more time learning and earning IFR.


Joe said...


DTWND said...

Nicely done, Captain.


Unknown said...

Congratulations. The 182 would be great. The IFR will be excellent.

Irish said...

Congrats B👍🏻

Aaron said...

Outstanding! Congrats and nice job.

Old NFO said...

Well done, sir! Well done!!!