Wednesday, July 11, 2018

200 rounds of .45 ACP yesterday.

32 rounds at a time.

Heat of the day, 15 pushups, 50 yard sprint,,,no sunglasses, as fast as I could squeeze the trigger and change magazines...

And I still hit the 6" gongs at about 90% at 15 yards.

Man, that is work.

But if it Ever Happens, it ain't gonna be in a nice airconditioned lane at a range with bottled spring water and at whatever pace I want, when I am calm and with a low heart rate and low blood pressure. SO I do what I can to simulate the physical.

And the SIG 1911 never even had a hiccup. Ran perfect.


Joe Mama said...


The way we play on game day mirrors what we did at practice the week before.

Absolutely awesome that you added some stress to your shooting practice.

Karl said...

You set the standard sir!