Wednesday, March 1, 2017

'Twas, as always...

Short on details....such are Presidential speeches.

Having said that, his direction is the drection I would like for us to take our country.

Not too keen on the paid leave, but overall, a good speech.

I liked the "America first" theme, and the fact that he feels that he "represents the American people, not the world" About time we had a president who understood that.

At least the Democrats more or less behaved like adults. 

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Harry Flashman said...

I thought it was a good speech. He's not backing down on the things he promised and that's encouraging.

The Dimmi's didn't act out as badly as they are accustomed to recently, but I thought they still acted without a lot of dignity, especially when the Navy SEAL's widow was introduced. Pelosi is a "right bitch" as the British say.