Sunday, December 18, 2016

Where's my Global Warming

You fat bastard?

I mean, c'mon, alGore, it is supposed to be -12 F tonight. Normal low is like, 24F.....Plus 24 F, that is.

Luckily I am burning wood in a non-catalytic woodstove and the indoor temp is +73F.

I just hope the outdoor cat, Harold, is OK. He won't come into the garage to be safe. But he's like that. He'll likely show up tomorrow afternoon looking for food.


mushahid mughal said...

I wan to know Why <a href="> Globel warming </a>goes Increase day by day main problem?

Phil said...

That is one tough cat.

B said...

He did show today but he was out in the cold weather for a day or so.... He's currently sunning in 23 degree weather. He was hungry though....and thirsty.

He is one tough cat.