Friday, May 9, 2014

Bad gun sale

Via Way Up North, we have an interesting tale.

Go read it for yourself.

Me? In the absence of a "stolen gun" police report, I'd convict the shop owner. The way I see it, he sold the gun.

What say you?


Hat Trick said...

The shopowner should at the very least lose his FFL if he didn't report the rifle stolen. Every gun shop I've seen has the 4473's at the counter and don't leave the gun within your reach while you're filling it out unless they know you well.

scott edvin said...

Many crimes are done by stolen or illegal guns. If your gun has stolen then you must go to police at right time.
MA firearms license.

Don said...

Yep, he's screwed. No 4473, no other paper trail, lame story. This clown should have been charged criminally at the time for illegal trafficking in firearms.

Murphy's Law said...

Sounds to me like it was a sale disguised as a theft only after it blew back. It also sounds like the store owner was pretty comfortable operating in this manner and his books need to be auited against his inventory to see it there's a pattern of such sales.