Wednesday, May 13, 2020

3 hours at 160+


No, seriously.

Airspeed, and the groundspeed was pretty close to that, average.

See, I got 6 cylinders on my 182 redone. And the conventional wisdom is that they need to be run hard for "Break-In"...

For 10 hours. at 75% power.

75% at 5500 feet works out to be 142 knots. a knot is 1.15 statute miles per hour. You can do the math.

Now, I am not sure why the "Break-In" time is a magical 10 hours....It would seem to me that after an hour or so the rings and cylinders would be worn together...I mean, I have rebuilt hundreds of other types of air cooled engines and they are considered "Broken-In" after 30-45 minutes....the rings and the cylinders have worn together and at that point oil consumption goes to whatever is "normal". I mean, I am talking from 5 hp mower engines to high compression multi cylinder air cooled diesels. All had the same break-in characteristics and roughly the same timing. the general wisdom was an hour under a half or better load to seat the rings and wear the cylinder finish to properly hold the oil for compression.

But I don't get a warranty unless I do (and log) the break in time as per recommendations. So I am doing the break in per the specs.

Today, 3:19 ....450 miles more or less. One landing. About half flown by hand, the rest I let the autopilot ("George") fly. Got the engine nice and warm burnt a lot of fuel.

I gotta say that central Indiana and Illinois are still having lots of traffic on the roads.  Aaron says that his area is way down in traffic, but I did not see that on the roads over which I flew. Larger state highways, Interstates, US highways...all fairly normal. Even Indianapolis roads were not terribly empty, at least not on the north side.


Old NFO said...

Have you changed the oil and filter yet? That's usually recommended after 3-5 hours at 75% to get rid of the iron filings. One of the reasons, from what I remember, is that it takes roughly 10 hours to get the sleeves 'smooth' so that you don't get peaks/valleys that will gum up. Also, I 'think' you were supposed to keep oil temp below 240 degrees initially. YMMV, and that was years ago.

B said...

Nope, they wanna do that at 10 hours.

And yes I am keeping the oil temp at the specified limits.

Old NFO said...