Friday, January 24, 2020


So Trump is accused of somehow gaining something by " withholding military aid amounting to tens of millions of dollars"... to push the government of Ukraine to investigate corruption.
But Joe Biden, when he was VP, threatened to withhold a BILLION dollars to stop a prosecutor...get him fired, in fact...who was investigating his son... (And we have him confessing bragging about this on video)

I fail to see the difference, and if one is criminal, then so is the other... Why no charges then on Slow Joe? IF it isn't a crime, then why bother with this impeachment?

Or am I somehow missing something?  If I am, then please, tell me...explain in detail. (No, the answer isn't Because Trump!!!!) be logical. I'm open to an explanation. 

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Aaron said...

Even better, the aid was not actually withheld by Trump and apparently there was no quid pro quo nor any investigation started by the Ukranians.

The whole impeachment is a base sham without any real factual basis and just battle space preparation to weaken Trump and fire up the Dem base for the 2020 election.