Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Aaaand....I'm not the only one

Who has noticed this

No bill,

Whose fault???


Old NFO said...

Dems are about to overplay their hands, IMHO...

DTWND said...

Trumps’s. He laid claim to it on December 11th. Said he would take the blame for it. But, like everything else he said, it was a lie. He’s putting the blame elsewhere. Does anyone need the video replay?


B said...

So D: Where's the Bill that he Vetoed?

DTWND said...

Again with the spin and misdirection? C'mon now. The Senate (R's and D's)had worked out a compromise with a continuing resolution that Trump at first agreed with, then backed out on. His (re-)stated position caused the agreement to crumble.

And you know it.