Saturday, March 17, 2018

Odd, that

Chicago's Southside Irish St Patty's Day Parade kicks off today at noon.

Which is odd, because there are very few Irish folks (or folks of Irish descent) living on the South Side anymore.

But, I guess everyone is a little bit Irish on this day.

And, strangely as well, Chicago is the Best Place to Celebrate St. Patricks Day.
You'd think it would be Boston.

Maybe it is 'cause they dye the river green?


Old NFO said...

Dyed green to cover the blood???

B said...

Nah, the pollution does that already.

Lou L said...

S.side parade was last week, today is Chicago city parade

Tony Tsquared said...

Nope, Savannah GA is the place to be. A lot less chance of getting shot there.