Monday, February 20, 2017

A report for Harry:

The Valpo gunshow was as normal. Lots of old collectible rifles and some pistols..., lots of plastic and new guns available. Pricing for New firearms was 10-15% under MSRP.

There were no cases of old surplus import rifles for sale. Mosins were $230-300 (each), little old ammo for sale.

Powder and bullets in bulk were a bit pricey, new ammo the same. .22 LR is available, and the prices are coming down......bricks for $35-45.

Lots of lookers, not as many buyers as last year. No panic. Lots of Trump hats and such (go figure). People seemed to be waiting for prices to go down.


Old NFO said...

I think that's pretty much what's happening here...

Harry Flashman said...

Thanks for the update. I was afraid that might be the case. I don't buy a lot of modern guns, so I really miss being able to pick up a surplus gun at the shows. The last time I saw some at a gun show, the fellow was selling his collection of Japanese world war 2 rifles. He had some nice one's but he needed a copy of the Military Firearms Collectors Guide, because he had way overpriced them.