Monday, April 18, 2016

She will be

either Black, a Dyke, or a Poet. 

Or maybe all three. Someone the Left thinks is "Worthy" and "Representative" and all that shit.

Guaranteed not a conservative.

We don't need to honor any old white men anymore.

I am nauseated, really. Not bye the fact that woman will be chosen and honored, but that they can't find any other way besides removing Andrew Jackson from the bill.


Murphy's Law said...

Knowing Obama, we'll see RuPaul on the next twenty...or Michelle Obama, whom most of the Dem base already confuses with RuPaul.

Old NFO said...

Amazing... Amazingly stupid...

Bibliotheca Servare said...

Yep. One hopes that (as the article indicates is possible) a saner treasury secretary will be appointed and reverse the decision before its implementation in or after 2030. Andrew Jackson belongs on the twenty dollar bill, for a multitude of reasons. Political correctness cannot change that, and should not try.

Brigid said...

Happy belated birthday - post was saved to draft by mistake but it is up!