Thursday, November 21, 2013

An idea:

If the RNC and their folks want to undo Obamacare, then they REALLY need to consider using this:

The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again by jpierrev

In a commercial for each of their people who will be running against a Democrat in every race.

With a bit of creative work and editing and the proper voice over message, the signature line "We wont get fooled again!" could be used over and over and over to totally destroy the credibility of the democrats when it comes to promises made about Obamacare.

Spend the money the message home that they lied to their constituents and that they didn't have the health and welfare of those who vote for them (and whom they are supposed to represent) at heart, but rather Party politics and loyalty.

Play it loudly and often. "We Wont Get Fooled Again!"

Soon, people will remember the message every time the song is played on the radio. It'll play better than "hope and Change" if you do it right.

The WHO is a band that crosses a generation. Nearly everyone has heard them, and they are all potential voters.

Hey, It's gotta work better that the past few RNC attempts.


Matt said...

Heh, and then when we find out that Hillary won, they'll start playing...

"meet the new boss, same as the old boss"

Old NFO said...

Good point! And that is one to hang on to for next year!

KurtP said...

The only ones fooled this time were the mainstream RINOs that don't care who's in charge up in DeeCee as long as they can keep their cushy seats.