Monday, March 27, 2017

Mr. President Trump:

Instead of blaming the Freedom Caucus for the failure of your "replacement bill" (RyanCare) that couldn't muster enough votes...

Instead of blaming the Democrats for the failure of that stinking turd of a bill....

You might think about a couple of points:

We don't want ObamaCare, ObamaCare lite, RyanCare, RommenyCare. etc
We don't want socialized medicine, period.

You have a great advantage here. You have the sort of advantage that the Democrats had in 2010 when they chose to RUSH a bill through the legislature...leaving us with the pile of shit that we call ObamaCare. You are squandering that by offering a bill that is, essentially, the same thing. We didn't elect you as President and our Senators and Congressemen to give us Democrat Lite, Nor Socialized Medicine 2.0 (the light version), nor any of the shit we have been forced to eat for the past 8 years. You enjoy a great deal of support from the People and the Republican legislators.....But you couldn't muster enough support to get this stinking pig of a bill to even come up for a vote.....Blame only yourself and the authors of this crappy bit of legislation.

Repeal. Put it forth and you will win. Not a lesser/bad and evil version of today's law. Repeal. Yes, some folks will be unhappy. Some might even lose their insurance. Yes, you will need to give the insurance companies time to redo their plans. Build that time into the bill.  Go back to the insurance legislation and laws we had in 2008. Move from there if you wish.

But get rid of the stinking turd that is Socialized Medicine.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Democrats are smart

At least the leadership appears to be.

Someone asked yesterday at the gunshow where the Democrats were regarding Obamacare and Reform?.

'Twas pointed out that Napoleon once said "Never interrupt yer enemy when he is engaged is doing something really, really, stupid". Which answered the question pretty clearly.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Overheard just before I abandoned a cart full of food and walked out of the store:

"I wish they'd bring back the Self Checkout lines.....They never have enough cashiers and there is always a long wait"

It's folks like this that keep the DNC alive.

"Yer poisoning us

and our kids!.

You MUST fix this....We want you to do something about our free housing being contaminated with lead......Our children are at risk! There is no safe amount of exposure to lead!


You want to MOVE us?

East Chicago section 8  families to protest forced move

So they want, exactly, what?


Some folks, if you gave 'em the keys and title to a new Caddy, would bitch about the color.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Looks like we STILL have BarryCare

'Cause the friggin Republicans can't do what they promised and REPEAL ObamaCare.

Instead they have given up (for now) on trying to shove more crap RyanCare onto us. C'mon folks.... REPEAL. Just fucking REPEAL...give us what we want, not a shit sandwich with a different kind of mustard.

And you think you are having a bad day....

The folks in Ukraine would think your day is one that they would trade for....

Large munitions depot up in flames in Ukraine, nearly 20,000 evacuated

Other reports are that there are Chemical weapons in the mix.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

So.... the more things come to light.....

the more it looks like Comey perjured himself about that domestic spying on Now-President Trump.

We knew he was sleazy. We knew he was in the tank for Hillary. We knew the DNC gave him some of his marching orders.

So now....when does he go to jail for Lying to Congress? For disseminating classified information (oh, if you area  democrat, that charge never applies).....

Seriously. When does he go to jail? 

Don't mess with the bull....

You'll get the horn.
(warning, the video at at the link isn't pretty)
Jesus, that had to hurt.
That could ruin your whole day

That pig with the makeup?

Yeah, now they gave her some heels.

She's still a pig though. FULL REPEAL folks.
It is what was promised.
Now deliver on that promise. Nothing else will do.

It is terrible

That 4 people are dead and 28+ are injured in London.

The thing is, the attacker was apparently "known to police" and "had been previously investigated for terrorist ties".

"Raids were conducted around London and other cities in England" means that the police KNEW who was a threat. Knew that there were people who were a danger (otherwise how else would they know who/where to raid. Which means they knew who were the rattlesnakes living in the midst of the citizenry.....and allowed those dangers to fester until 4 were killed and other injured.

Why allow these folks to live in the country when they know they are dangerous? 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Yep, that'll do it...

Darwin: Cleaning the Gene Pool for many generations.

Man dies while charging I-Phone in the bath.

(As an aside, 50 cycle per second like they use in Europe hurts worse than the 60 hz we use here in North America....I know this for a fact)

That pig I mentioned earlier?

yeah, now he's rolled in some shit.

Immigration provision cut from Obamacare rollback

So what we have offered to us is Obamacare Lite without fixing any of the issues that make it so objectionable.

Lipstick and eye shadow

The GOP is making changes to their proposal for the RyanCare replacement for ObamaCare.

Lipstick on a pig (and some mascara)

REPEAL the Damned Thing.

You can't fix it, it sucks, and no matter how pretty a dress you put on it, it still won't get any dances at the ball. 

Discrimination against Muslims?

I mean, now folks flying from 10 (Predominantly Muslim) airports are now not permitted to (basically) carry onboard anything larger than a smartphone...

Isn't this discrimination? Where are the activist Judges? Why aren't they claiming that this is Unconstitutional (it isn't, but they don't know from Constitutional anyway) and discriminatory and causes great harm to someone and all the other arguments they used against the Travel Ban earlier? This is is aimed at predominantly Muslim points of origin and all...

Monday, March 20, 2017


"The biggest problem with the AHCA is it leaves in place the concept that it is the responsibility of the federal government to provide health insurance for Americans who don’t have employer-provided coverage."

And that, right there, is why I oppose it.

What caliber for drone?

THIS caliber.

According to sources, the military is testing 'em too.

I'm kinda skeptical about the claim of 1200 FT range though.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Where have you been?

So the Democrats, in the Sunday Talk shows, have conceded that Obamacare needed some Tweaking....Just not the Tweaks that RyanCare is tweaking.....

My question to them, however, is just where have you been for the past 7.5 or so years?

Why didn't you tweak it to make it better during any of those those years? Especially the past 4 years?

Public funding

of Private Enterprises:

I dislike the Federal funding of private enterprises via block grants to states.

I dislike the method of funding Meals on Wheels....which is a really good program.

It gets about 35% of it's funding via Federal money.

I dislike the same method of funding for Planned Parenthood.....for the same reasons:

These are PRIVATE organizations. The Federal money they get has, effectively, no controls on how it is spent.....

Does Meals on Wheels do good work? Yes.
Does Planned Parenthood? Depends on your view.

Either way, and for the same reasons, I  am glad to see that Trump is trying to cut out this practice.

More is needed. But it is a start.

Like one of Pavlov's dogs

So I am in line at Menards to purchase some (Ozone killing) spay paint and primer.

2 behind me is a guy in a "Bernie 2016" hat with a "Bernie" button still on his jacket.

I couldn't resist.

As my turn to pay came up, I looked back at the "Bernie" guy 2 behind me.

Caught his eye and gave him a Thumbs Up.

"Y'know, Bernie was Robbed" I said, casually.

Dude directly behind me rolled his eyes and shook his head.

Guy with the "Bernie" accoutrement started in telling everyone who could hear him on how the system was rigged and the DNC was foul with people who perverted the election process and was still winding up about Trump after I had paid and was on my way to the door.

Damn, these folks are easy.

I wonder who he voted for?


ETA: I found this a few minutes ago:

(HT Common Cents)
(Warning: Video may not be SFW)


So Rachel Maddow and her cohorts at MSNBC revealed Trumps tax returns for 2005 against his wishes (or at leaset without his consent).
Which is a Federal Crime punishable by 5 years in prison and $5000 in fines.
Plus, since they left his Social Security number visible would seem to open up a whole lot more civil damages. President Trump ought a sue 'em for about $250 million and then donate that damage award to a worthy Meals on Wheels.

How to save money at the Gunshow:

Went to the bank yesterday, got some cash for the gunshow.

Got up this morning, picked up the backpack and drove 2 hours to the Indy 1500.

Where I realized that I had left the envelope with cash back on the desk......

Luckily I did not see any deals that I could not do without.

'Twas a good gunshow. Less "white"..... lots of black dudes with the kids... Not just white dudes with their kids. (lots more of both, actually) Either they are getting more family oriented or they are just going places where they used to not. Either way, a good thing. The more we get people interested (and participating) in second Amendment issues the better.

Saturday, March 18, 2017



So I am in the grocery line checking out yesterday....

Ahead of me is a dude of obvious Chinese descent buying Corn Tortillas, Swiss Cheese, and Corned beef.
I commented on the mix.
He smiled and said the Russians he worked with had given him the recipe for  "Irish Tacos".

Think on it.......
This is supposed to be how America works.

Not enclaves where they don't speak English at all.  

Friday, March 17, 2017


Approaching BATF(E) level of incompetence.

One would have thought that the Secret Service might have some standards.

Apparently not.

Nothing like it....

On a cold spring day, 36 degrees and drizzle, after being outside, there is nothing better than the heat given off by a hot woodstove to warm you up.

Some shit technology just can't improve.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Good Idea

A "Snowflake" test for new applicants:

Job applicants for a Connecticut-based marketing company have a unique “snowflake” test to pass before being hired.

Of course, it is likely that the liberals in the Justice Department will get with the weenies in the Department of Labor....and sue them for this test...Discrimination and/or something like Civil Rights or something. Having had to hire millenials, I gotta tell you that finding good ones can be a challenge.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Didja notice?

So since the "Russians hacked the elections" meme didn't fly even though the news media pushed it HARD (even Democrats Hillary voters Liberals aren't that stupid), the Media and the DNC types have finally stopped bleating about it  every 5 minutes?

Then they tried the "Trump is Anti-Semitic" (which fails on any examination of the facts) and "Trumpers are doing terrible things to Jews because Trump" But that didn't fly because reality kept smacking them in the face.....The Jewish cemetery's that were trashed.....were just neglect by JEWS......The bomb threats were called in by other Jews or Democrats Hillary voters.

So what will the next meme be? The "Taxes" meme? Rachel Maddow's minion got sent Trump's return (from 2005?) "anonymously" via mail....."Appeared in my mailbox!".. and it showed that he paid taxes. Quite substantial taxes.

Now what will they try?

Someone who wasn't paying attention (or unconscious) might think that what with ABC/CNN/NBC/CBS/NPR and the major east and west coast papers all playing the same song at the same time...that someone was coordinating this......

Kinda like Barry and his anti gun agenda and all those mass shootings.......

And without any Federal "Help"

 (Angel already posted on this)

Give Texas farmers and ranchers 48 hours and they’ll answer a call from anywhere.
Even from way up in the Panhandle.

'Course, that is the midwest....Conservatives and all that.

Do what they think needs to be done without 'Government" deciding or telling 'em what to do. That is what happens in "Flyover Country".

In the East or West coast, they'd still be waiting on someone from the "government" to show up....While the Midwest has done fixed the problem already.

I don't want TrumpCare

any more than I want ObamaCare.

I want full repeal.

No federal healthcare requirements. Just like we had in the beginning of 2010...Before Barry Fucked everyone that had employer provided insurance or bought their own insurance.

CBO says we'd be better off with FULL Repeal.

And isn't that what the Republicans (and TheDonald) promised us they would do once elected? Once the Republicans had control of both houses?

Well, boys and girls, you got it. House, Senate, and the white house.

None of this Mamby-Pamby "incremental" bullshit that Ryan is all for. FULL REPEAL.

Do what you promised. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"The weather outside is frightening"

But at the indoor  range, it is merely Loud with Sudden Flashes of Light.

Shot a hunnerd rounds of .45 through a couple of 1911' full size, one 3". I kin still keep em all on the slow fire pistol target at 50 feet....

'Twas good.
Very good.

I should spend more time at my gun club, seeing as it is only 3 miles from my home. Odd how easy it is to get lazy. 

"Tenth Amendment. Now fuck off"

Pi day

Happy 3.14.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Izzn't this interesting"

Maine drops 9000 food stamp recipients after instituting work requirement.

If states would give a similar requirement for welfare and/or Foodstamps and other handouts, along with a drug test at least quarterly, we could pay for Obamacare with the savings. I'd like to see all those folks show up at 8 AM somewhere and have to work for 8 hours like the rest of us to get their checks, even if it was doing make work. At least they'd not be able to sit at home sleeping in... nursing a hangover on Tuesday morning....

But then, it'd be "racist" somehow....

H/T BorePatch who posted it before I did. 

"Dese Yoots"

Was it really 25 years ago?

My Cousin Vinny