Saturday, September 26, 2020

New Shooter Day

 Yeah, my club has a Pistol Safety course today, so I gotta go do my instructor thing. 

It is work, but the reward is the "New Shooter Smile" on their faces as they learn that they can do this. 

Worth the time, if you ask me. 

Friday, September 25, 2020

Today was a good day to fly for me too

 Did a 2.5 hour lesson this morning, then took an acquaintance up to get his plane from where it had been undergoing emergency repairs. 

Left my home airport and flew a few minutes to pick him up at KMGC, then we flew to KFFX via KLWA. 

A 1 hour flight that would have taken 3+ hours to drive (plus return).

Called South Bend approach for flight following, they passed me off to Great Lakes approach then I landed at KFFX (Fremont, Michigan) and taxiied to the mechanic's shop. 

My friend paid his bill while I taxiied out and left. His turbo arrow is not appreciably faster than my naturally aspirated 182. I left 15 minutes before him, but he landed only 7 minutes behind me. We both flew at 8500 feet on the return trip. (Had we gone higher he'd have passed me, as the 192 cannot maintain full power past about 7500 feet because the air is just to thin...the turbo makes up for that at altitudes). 

2.4 hours of flying and 2 landings. It was severe VFR all the way. 

We fueled up both aircraft and I flew back to my home airport. 

Seems that Aaron had a good day of flying as well. 

I gotta say that 5 hours of flying in one day is a lot, really. 

Battlespace preparation:

 Notice how the Media is going on and on about the fact that Donald Trump won't promise a "Peaceful change of leadership"? If the election results are in doubt? 

Forget the fact that he hasn't lost the election yet, nor that there may well be some malfeasance in the election process itself....

We all remember the debacle of the 2000 Florida election mess...."Keep counting until Gore is the winner!"

One thing I HAVENT heard from the Democrats (or the Media) is a promise from Team DNC that THEY will abide by the results of the election if they lose. In fact, I have been hearing all sorts of things...that they plan (already) a court challenge unless Slow Joe wins. 

Odd double standard, that. If Trump wins, then they feel it is OK to fight the results. If Kamala and Joe win, then Trump should just step aside like a good boy. 

Where is THEIR promise to gracefully bow out if the election doesn't go the way they want it to? 

Odd that they have one standard for Trump and another standard for their candidate, innit? 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

And yet they can't keep the lights on

 But Califronia is gonna mandate that by 2035 there be no "gas powered" cars and trucks sold in the state....including hybrids.

How are they gonna make this work? They are shutting down generating plants in the state.....and they cannot purchase enough power from out of the state when demand is high as it is....

How are they gonna power all those electric charging stations? They can't power the state right now as it is. 

Expect riots

 So the Grand Jury declined to press charges on the officers involved in the Breonna Taylor debacle

I fully expect riots tonight, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. (apparently so do most Louisville downtown merchants) I bet that most metro police departments are prying for rain over the weekend. If I were a business owner in a city of any size at all...and one where there is a sizeable number of black people, I'd be boarding up my windows as well....'cause one can expect that there will be riots. 

Innocent or guilty, Breonna Taylor and Kenneth Walker had the right to live in peace. The No Knock raid was poorly executed (and should not have been a No-Knock raid anyway). The officers, even IF they felt justified in shooting, failed to identify their targets and essentially just sprayed bullets around. 

While I cannot see any racism here, I can see that they officers and the system failed to act responsibly. Were in a non-police gun owning private citizen, they'd surely be charged for such reckless behavior. As should be the cops in this incident. 

Having said that, rioting isn't gonna change things, nor will it help. But that is what we have come to expect of inner city black people today....I mean, it has happened about every 4 years (sometimes more often) for most of my lifetime. 


Expect more riots in the upcoming days. Try to stay out of inner cities. If you see a crowd of people, go another way. or turn around quickly.  Try to be home soon after dark if you live in an urban area. Expect protests that then turn into riots, looting and burning. 

It is the "new Normal"

After all, it is an election year...and the Dems need the black vote so they keep 'em riled up so they won't vote for Trump, despite the Dems record of broken promises. 

Showing her true colors

 So Cindy McCain, the widow of John McCain just could not help but step into the ring to trash Donald Trump.

I understand that she dislikes Trump because he would not say nice things about her late husband, 

But seriously?  This is being a harpy. 

Nothing like the vitriol that an old lady can bring. They can hate better than anyone. I'm sure she thinks she is hurting Donnie, but all she is doing is showing us what a bitch she is. At the end, her endorement won't make one iota of difference. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

So let me see here:

 The Democrat Machine is gonna oppose the Supreme Court Nominee no matter what....even before the person is nominated. 

The RNC Machine is gonna support the nominee no knowing who he or she is....

Neither side knows who the nominee is gonna be, neither side has anything to vote for...or against. They don't know the positions, the philosophy, or the history of the nominee.

One side is pledging to support the nominee, whoever she or he is, simply because they want to get a "Conservative" on the court. 

The other side wants to oppose her or him simply because the choice is being made by Trump, and they will oppose him no matter what. 

Neither side is covering themselves with glory or showing any integrity here. 

Again, I am disgusted. Why not wait and find out if they can find something to like or dislike? Anyone who is already on a Circuit Court should already be qualified to be a Supreme. If not, they are likely unqualified for the position they currently have. 

We really need a better class of elected officials. 

Question for the attorneys:

 especially Aaron, although anyone with anyone with a legal opinion can chime in....

Can the "authorities" legally prevent me from voting if I show up at a polling place without a mask? 

I can't find any argument for or against it in Indiana's code

I'm tempted to find out. Just 'cause I am an agitator. 

"The bottom line is aerosol transmission possible but not the main way that spreads"


So the CDC does a 180 on their view of the method of infection of Covid-19....then removes it.

I toldya there was no "science" behind the 6 foot "Social Distancing" rule. 

Now we have evidence that there wasn't. 

And, of course, if aerosols aren't the main method of transmission, then we are back to "Do masks really do anything?" 

(yes, they do keep large droplets from spraying onto that person next to you, but are they really effective? I mean, we were told that the "Science was settled" about the 6 foot too....and now we know that that is bullshit....will they flip=flop about the masks too?) 

I mean, so far, according to the CDC, masks are not effective, except that they are, except that they aren't, unless you are in a crowd that is protesting (when they aren't needed) unless it is a right-leaning protest, when they are effective and required....Now we have the whole 6 foot rule in doubt....Are we really getting any value out of the money we spend on the CDC? Or are they just making pronouncements and hoping for the best? 

Thoughts from a lady smarter than I

 "That's their job. There's nothing in the Constitution that says that the President stops being President in his last year."

Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg  2016

And we have proof that both sides are weasels

 So last time, when the positions were reversed, it was one side saying that the nomination (and subsequent acceptance) of the next Supreme Court Justice should wait until after the election.

Essentially, both sides have started parroting the other's arguments from when they were on the other side. 

Does no politician have any principles? No integrity? 

Naive of me, perhaps, but I do expect some minimal level of integrity out of my politicians. 

Not so today though. 

Sad. And disgusting. 

All for some power and leverage. 

Saturday, September 19, 2020


 All you folks celebrating the death of Ruth Bader Gisnburg...

Y'all have no class. 

She was an old lady who earned her post on the Supreme Court of the United States. 

I disagreed with most of her decisions. Still...she was a well educated lady who did serve the country as a Judge and did it with honor, and while I (or you) may disagree with her decisions, that does not make her evil nor entirely wrong. 

I too wish that someone else had been in her position, and that she had retired much earlier. 

And, at the end, she died of cancer, not a good or painless way to go. 

If yer cheering her death, then you are showing what an ass you are. Just as bad as those antifa assholes who were outside the hospital where those ambushed cops were being treated chanting "We hope you die". 


If you got nothing good to say about her, then say nothing. 

Friday, September 18, 2020

This oughta make things interesting:

 Seems that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed. 

While not unexpected, it gives rise to a really big issue.....Can Trump get a Supreme Court pick past the Congress before the election? 

One can hope. Oughta make for some interesting bloviation by the media and some interesting fireworks by our politicians. 

My condolences to Ms. Ginsburg's family.

It's not often that I have nothing to say:

 But last night, at the monthly meeting, my gun club members gave me a lifetime membership and an award plaque for service and leadership. 

I was floored. Seriously. So much so that I could not form words to say "thank you" properly for a while. 

I'm not sure that I deserve it, but they all seem to think that I have given outstanding service. I just try and keep the club going, and pay it forward with work and by doing classes for new shooters and such. After all, I get to use the club that others before me built.... Keeping the tradition going so that the club and the facilities will be there for the next generation. I didn't think that I was doing anything special...... But the other members all congratulated me and felt that I have earned the reward. 

It was pretty cool. 

A REALLY nice ending to a day that didn't start well. 

Thursday, September 17, 2020


 Undermotivated and uninspired.

Best that I don't post. 

Read the folks on the left side

Maybe more later.

Monday, September 14, 2020

A tip on how to Vote By Mail and make sure that it is counted.


Instead, get off yer lazy ass, go down to the polling place on Nov 3 (Nov 5 if yer voting for Biden) and do your civic duty like an adult. 

Anything else is subject to higher rates of fraud, rejection, and ballots arriving late. 

Unless of course, you are in Chicago.,...and deceased....Special procedures are in place for you to vote by mail.  

Saturday, September 12, 2020

NFL fans tired of Social Justice

 They just want to see football.

They are tired of Social Justice Posturing, tired of symbolism, and just tired of the bullshit. 

So when the Texans and the Chiefs did their stupid posturing, the fans BOOED them. Fans that had paid to be there and see the game. 

The left, as seen in the link, is losing it's MIND over the fact that fans would not support such Social Justice Posturing. 

Does the NFL really think that this will end well? 

Friday, September 11, 2020

19 years ago

 I remember.....

Do you? 

I can never forgive....Not only the terrorists themselves, but the oil rich individuals that fund them, and governments that provide such groups with safe harbor....

Not just for the deaths of my countrymen, the insult to my country, but for the destruction of my freedoms that their acts engendered....the last more than anything else. 

I won;t ever forget, nor will I forgive. 

Thursday, September 10, 2020

55 days

 Just 55 days to the election. 

Time is running out. 

Plan accordingly. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

It's all how you say it....

 A perfect example of Newspeak:


Trust the mail

 Trust them with your ballot. 

THIS COULD NEVER HAPPEN with Mail In Ballots. 

No one would ever stoop this low with ballots. Ballots are sacred, right? 

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

But But But....

 Black Lives Matter!!!!

Except that in Chicago over the weekend, Black people killed 10 other black people....and shot 41 others on the South Side. 

That is more in one weekend than the cops killed this year.....

But Black Lives Matter...when the killing is done by police and when it gives and excuse to riot. loot, and steal. 

When it is black people killing other black people it doesn't matter....

Monday, September 7, 2020

Of all the protests

 Only the one for Breonna Taylor has any real validity. 

The sad part is that were it not for the false memes and faux outrage for the the others "deaths by police"...(I mean the George Floyd incident and the  Jacob Blake incident and all the previous ones where the outrage was carefully manufactured), she'd likely get some real justice. 

Of course, Justice is not what the folks that fomented this want, is it? 

 ETA: Divemedic has some other viewpoints ...see comments

Sunday, September 6, 2020

The best way to travel:

 So we went to see MC's sister yesterday. Normally a 3 1/2 hour drive, even with our modern interstate system, but only a 1.2 hour flight. 

A quick preflight (I keep the plane ready to go most of the time, but still, do things the right way and one can prevent issues in the air) and a check of the weather via 1-800-WXBrief,  and we were off. A quick stop at VPZ for fuel (less than a total,of 15 minutes from pattern to departure), and we were on our way. Called for flight following from South Bend and settled in on course. It was a nice flight. Smooth. A layer of clouds at 3500 feet, but we found a hole and went up to 5500 for the trip up to KLAN.  133 knots ground speed. The forecast was for clear skies at KLAN and that is what we found. We got a "Straight In" approach and landing. Really helpful controllers at South Bend approach and Great Lakes approach. The Lansing folks were bored, but were professional. 

We spent a few hours, had some lunch, walked around the river area, and before I knew it we were back at the airport ready for departure. 

Took off, turned on course, and climbed to 6500 feet. Over the southern edge of Great Lakes airspace, we hand to climb to 8500 for the cloud layer to stay VFR, but that was no big deal. We had good ground speed too...148 knots .  Did see a (I think) Stearman biplane going the opposite way at 9500 feet with a Sonex as an escort. Had to be cold in the Stearman....our OAT was 42 F...he had to be cold. 

A gentle descent at the airport of arrival, and a decent landing with the wind at 4 nearly straight down the runway. 

2 and a half hours of flight time rather than 7 hours of driving. Makes for easy visits. Less tiring too. 

It's what I learned to fly for. I'd have been doing more except for the Covid Lockdowns, but hey, I got to enjoy it yesterday. 


 Lotta truth here:

Stolen from, and credited to It Ain't Holy Water