Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Yer not gonna fall far enough

To kill yourself, dude...

But you'll be fucked up for life.

C'mon down, we can talk.......

Truckers cooperate with police to help keep man from jumping off overpass. 

I'd a let him jump....Or offered to push him.

These folks want the attention, which is why they don't simply do it. 

If you want an expensive cooler

But don't want to buy a YETI because of their stance with the NRA:

You can always buy a Pelican Cooler...Still expensive, but not nearly as much as a YETI....Plus, made in the USA.

They claim that they will donate $10 to the NRA if you use the Promo Code "PelicanProud".

I still think these sorts of coolers are massively overpriced for the performance they give, but hey, it's your money.

ETA: YETI claims this is all a misunderstanding and they are just getting rid of an old discount program.


But their main customer demographic is "Outdoorsey" liberal millenials...and the timing is very suspicious.

If it looks like a duck.....

Give 'em credit

Wells Fargo stood fast against the AFT....and they took the hit. The bank lost the mortgage business of the American Federation of Teachers.

I'm glad at least one institution has the gust to stand up to these folks....Not just because it is (currently) firearms as the main issue of the day, but that an institution had the gust to stand up to Social Justice Warrior tactics.

I'm impressed that they didn't fold. 

Monday, April 23, 2018

And people wonder why

Many of us think that Liberals and Hipsters should be hounded out of this country...(In a nice, nonviolent way of course)....

Professor who tweeted anti-Barbara Bush comment applauded at arts festival

I mean, ignoring comments made in bad taste is one thing...applauding the commentor afterwards is another. 

Yeah, I'd forgotten about that....

I bet you did too....

Image found HERE.

I fail to see the "discrimination":

Bad business practices? Yes
Poor customer service? Yes

Poor treatment of customers? Probably

Rude and boorish behavior? YES.

But discrimination? Nope

One wonders how they are claiming that the company broke laws. If they didn't carry foreign folks, that would be one thing....but obviously, they do, as they have apparently insulted many of them....Is insulting people illegal? If responding to customer complaints with derision illegal?

I wonder who Ms Madigan knows that the bus company angered...It is stuff like this that shows the abuses of power that so often happen in Illinois. After all, she is using Taxpayer funds to drive a company out of business.... Is there a "Connected" company wishing to take over those routes????


But I just can't justify greater than $5-1/2 Large for a toy...

Still, a Luger in God's Own Caliber is a SWEET dream....

I especially lust after the stainless version......

Be like James

When a gunman chose to shoot people at a Waffle House restaurant in Nashville,  Some folks hid, some folks chose not to be victims:

Mr Shaw took ACTION.
Firstly, he took cover, saving himself.
Then, when the opportunity presented itself, he chose to emerge from cover and take ACTION. He bumrushed the shooter....catching him off guard and wrestling the gun away.

"He was gonna have to work to kill me.".....Maybe Mr. Shaw felt he had no choice, but still, he TOOK ACTION. He took damage, too, but he ACTED and he WON.

Be Like James Shaw. He likely saved his own life and the lives of many others. Action when it was needed.

He is a hero in my book. Should we ever meet, the beer is on me.

I hope, should the time ever come, that I can react halfway as well as Mr. Shaw.

I will call him "Mr." and "Sir". His actions are worthy of that.

I hope they release the video.....

So I figure

That the Starbucks manager is gonna get her payout too...

I mean, the 2 black men who were arrested chose to be arrested. One wonders if they planned to do so. They were loitering (apparently for about 45 minutes) and were left alone....Then they asked to use the bathroom, and were told that the bathroom was just for customers...which is when they protested....and were then asked to purchase something......or leave.

Had they made even a small purchase, they would have been left alone. They chose not to do so.

When asked to leave, since they had chosen not to be customers, they refused.
So the cops were called. The cops offered them the option of leaving (or, from some reports, purchasing an item....) They refused, leaving the cops no choice but to arrest them, as at that point, the two men, never having been customers, were now trespassing.

The manager has been called a racist by the CEO of Starbucks. 'Twould seem to me that he has impugned her character. There is no company policy regarding , no when people are loitering in the lobby.....She's gonna find it hard to get a job now.....I'd say Starbucks owes her a few years wages.

Were I her, I'd be suing for damages. Defamation of character at the least. Firing her was....stupid

Sunday, April 22, 2018

How to commit suicide:

Steal from the folks that run the Vegas Casinos:

2 men rob armored car on Tropicana Avenue.

One could reasonably expect that they will soon suffer a mischief.

I mean, stealing from the boys with the noses isn't a good way to increase one's life expectancy.....

Run fast, run far, stop only for gas. Change identities like you change your socks.

Like AGW, only maybe even less accurate:

Yeah, how accurate are those dire predictions turning out to be??? I mean, 1970 and all....Adn yet, we hear the same things (mostly) today.....

Pretty much the same as always....

"Civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind."  — Harvard biologist George Wald

"We are in an environmental crisis which threatens the survival of this nation, and of the world as a suitable place of human habitation." — Washington University biologist Barry Commoner

"Population will inevitably and completely outstrip whatever small increases in food supplies we make. The death rate will increase until at least 100-200 million people per year will be starving to death during the next ten years." — Stanford University biologist Paul Ehrlich

"Most of the people who are going to die in the greatest cataclysm in the history of man have already been born… [By 1975] some experts feel that food shortages will have escalated the present level of world hunger and starvation into famines of unbelievable proportions. Other experts, more optimistic, think the ultimate food-population collision will not occur until the decade of the 1980s."— Paul Ehrlich

"It is already too late to avoid mass starvation," — Denis Hayes, Chief organizer for Earth Day

"Demographers agree almost unanimously on the following grim timetable: by 1975 widespread famines will begin in India; these will spread by 1990 to include all of India, Pakistan, China and the Near East, Africa. By the year 2000, or conceivably sooner, South and Central America will exist under famine conditions…. By the year 2000, thirty years from now, the entire world, with the exception of Western Europe, North America, and Australia, will be in famine." — North Texas State University professor Peter Gunter

"In a decade, urban dwellers will have to wear gas masks to survive air pollution… by 1985 air pollution will have reduced the amount of sunlight reaching earth by one half." — Life magazine
"At the present rate of nitrogen buildup, it's only a matter of time before light will be filtered out of the atmosphere and none of our land will be usable." — Ecologist Kenneth Watt

"Air pollution...is certainly going to take hundreds of thousands of lives in the next few years alone."— Paul Ehrlich

"By the year 2000, if present trends continue, we will be using up crude oil at such a rate… that there won't be any more crude oil. You'll drive up to the pump and say, ‘Fill 'er up, buddy,' and he'll say, ‘I am very sorry, there isn't any.'" — Ecologist Kenneth Watt

"[One] theory assumes that the earth's cloud cover will continue to thicken as more dust, fumes, and water vapor are belched into the atmosphere by industrial smokestacks and jet planes. Screened from the sun's heat, the planet will cool, the water vapor will fall and freeze, and a new Ice Age will be born." — Newsweek magazine

And the strangest thing:

"The world has been chilling sharply for about twenty years. If present trends continue, the world will be about four degrees colder for the global mean temperature in 1990, but eleven degrees colder in the year 2000. This is about twice what it would take to put us into an ice age." — Kenneth Watt

There wasn't any money to be made unless you claimed dire devastation then.....and now, it's the same thing.

No one ever got grant money saying "i think things will be all right if we just keep on the way we have been".....


2 shootings.

One, at a Waffle House. 4 victims.

It made the news all over the US.

another, 2 cops, yet I have heard nothing on the mainstream media.

Odd, that.

Prayers for all the victims.

Saturday, April 21, 2018


I could not have said it better myself.

Read: words of wisdom.

I don't think

That they sold many coolers and such to the NRA folks anyway....

But this is a good way to make sure that they don't sell ANY coolers and cups and such to our members....at all.

Yeti Coolers pulls sponsorship for NRA Foundation in response to pressure from Anti-Gun Groups.

Make no mistake....they are out to get us and our way of life. 

Even more "correlation ain't causation"...this time, "racist" edition:

So SL sent this over in the comments: (sadly, I can't make it embeddable).

One dot equals one person. The color of the dot denotes race. It is zoomable....


I do see a correlation with the below maps. Draw whatever conclusion you choose to.

While, again, there is not really anything besides a bit of location correlation, one could draw the conclusion that Blacks and Hispanics are VERY.....Democratically inclined....DNC types, I mean.

It must still be all those white liberals living there that are doing the murders....

Odd. that though.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Yes, I know that "correlation isn't causation"

But Damn! the map of murders by county and the 2016 election map by county (Blue or red voting) sure shows some interesting parallels.

Using Liberal Logic, one could assume that Democrats (or people voting for Hillary, at least) are some homicidal maniacs.....
Which, in one way, makes me wonder if that is why they so want Gun Control....they know what is in their hearts, and assume that it is in ours as well.

I'm thinking there are some cultural factors there as well, but the parallels are still there.

2016 US Presidential Election Map By County & Vote Share
2016 election map by county

murders by county in US

Today is


and it is a Friday.

Act accordingly.

(I don't, but many do)

Thursday, April 19, 2018

And here's his payoff....

The "Book Deal" is the way wealthy  DNC types pay off their associates for doing something (or nothing) or when they are caught and have to retire.....It's how many DNC operatives or employees have been paid off for services over the years. Wanna bet that Soros owns a large piece of the publisher?

David Hogg gets book deal. 

I wonder who wrote the book? I mean, according to the news stories he has trouble writing term papers and such.

Of course, when you are 22 and from Califronia, the writing comes easier that when you are "Seventeen".

"Honey..., I just quit my job...."

Yeah, that's the way to totally screw up your career....

Dumptruck with raised trailer bed hits highway bridge at highway speeds. 

So lucky no one on the pedestrian bridge wasn't hurt...or killed.

Doo Yoo Yahoo?

If you do, be aware the they have a new owner....and a new set of user policies. AOL too

And, essentially, they can spy on you, read your mail, look at and/or use your photos, your videos, etc. 

It's like Google used to do with Gmail, only moreso.  Like squared.

I still have a Yahoo account, but have transitioned over the past few months to ProtonMail from my Gmail account and my Yahoo account.

I highly recommend Protonmail. They do have a free version, but the paid version isn't that expensive. I also use ProtonVPN for a bit more privacy.....

Remember, if the service is free, then you are the product....

Gun Control

So today is also the day,  243 years ago, wherein the first attempt at Gun Control by a government in what is now the United States was attempted....

How'd that work out for 'em?

Yep, when the British Government tried to confiscate powder and shot in order to prevent the colonists from being able to resist the Colonial Governors orders and rules...The result was different than they thought it would be.

At the end of it, many on both sides were injured and/or dead....But the would-be oppressors  had learned a lesson.....The Colonists would not be trod upon lightly.

Would that our government of today remember that lesson, and prevent another Lexington or Concord with today's modern tools.

That action 243 years ago led to a war, and a new country being formed.
If it happened today, the same things might happen, only the damage would be worse....on both sides.

Let's try to prevent that.

Is your Church BATF(e) approved?

Remember, today is the day when, 25 years ago, the Clinton Regime (Bubba, not Hillary) burned a bunch of people to death because they had to cover the fuckups of the BATF who bungled an investigation and raid when they tried to be spectacular attention getting so they wouldn't lose their funding.

After the opening debacle, they chose to tinhorn and call in the FBI...who, under Reno, made things worse.

Then, losing patience, on April 19th, they burned a bunch of people....and when the local Fire Department tried to arrive to fight the fire, they KEPT THEM OUT TOO, in order than all those who would defy the STATE would die.....and they nearly succeeded with all of them.

Of course, none of the ATF agents, nor the FBI boys and girls were ever jailed, nor punished to any degree for their actions.  Most were "Just Following Orders".

And we, as citizens, just stood by and watched the Feds do it..... (Never again)

Remember that, when they tell you to Give Up Your Guns.

You'll never get mine, nor will you ever find 'em all....

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Send lawyers and money....

Was watching this story (and the GOFundME) for a few days to see if the funding rose to any decent levels. So far it hasn't. But then I saw that Balleye's Boomers had posted it, so I am gonna be lazy and just link to HIS STORY instead. I think her need is a good cause.

(ETA: Since some folks seem to be having issues accessing via the link, here is the actual link for Copy/Paste:  https://ballseyesboomers.blogspot.com/2018/04/a-call-for-assistance-for-heroic-woman.html )

I sent a check to her via her attorney and if you can, I'd ask you to do the same.,,,ir if it is easier for you, then do the GoFund ME. I generally dislike promoting  GoFundME fundraisers, if only because of the rake-in off the top for the folks that facilitate the fund raising....and because sometimes the fundraising goes to insane levels, making me feel like I have participated in a profit taking scheme rather than helping someone...

having said that, this time I am promoting the crowdfunding of her defense.

Personally, were someone to take and whack the shit out of the person who filed the Wrongful Death suit against her, I would be inclined to cheer them on and buy them a beer. But I'm like that....

This sort of suit SHOULD be thrown out, but often they aren't. And the person bringing the suit is, at best, rolling the dice...No real stake, just trying for Free Money...

Donate, if you can. This could be me, or you.

You can find the defense attorney's website HERE.


Seems that there is some hope that Kalifornia will split. I doubt that it will happen soon, but there is a HUGE drive for it and it may well get on the ballot. I can't see the LA folks letting this happen, as they will lose so much income....I can see "Norther" California wantin' it to, but, again, LA will fight 'em....they need the money. Eastern portion is a wash, really....

In addition, LA needs the water the other portions would then control.

Plus I'm not so sure that I want any of the Californians to get more votes in the Senate. Even a conservative Californian is pretty liberal on my terms.


Coming soon to a US state near you:

Biometric ID cards announced by EU officials

I see this a a train wreck. You can always get a new card, and get a new password.

But since Fingerprints and Faces are the two security features, once it is hacked those folks are SCREWED. Where you gonna get new fingers?

Gonna teach 'em not to be racist!

So two dudes walk into a Starbucks coffehouse.

Sit down for a while.
They are asked to purchase something, or to leave.

They refuse to do either.

And again, are asked politely.
Refuse, again.

So the cops are called. And then they are asked to leave (again).

They refuse, and are then arrested.

They claim they were waiting for someone.

And that they were arrested because they were black. Somehow, I doubt that.

All they had to do was buy a cup of Starbucks Lousy (and overpriced) coffee...Or wait outside for their friend if they didn't have the money.

They got stupid. and got arrested. And this is somehow the fault of Starbucks (both corporate and the local owner)....And racist. Because Black.

I see it differently....But I've been a business owner. I don't see Black, I see assholes taking up space in an establishment without paying.

So now, Starbucks is gonna spend an entire day with their coffehouses ALL closed in order to expiate their sins......of asking people that use their establishment to, you know, buy something there. How terrible of them.

Social Media and Justice Warriors are totally screwing up our society. Attitude and judgement without the facts.
And, of course, the CEO of Starbucks just rolled over like a good puppy.

I'm so glad I sold out when I did. This could have been me.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

When the cabin decompresses:

Be sure to wear the Oxygen mask as the Flight Attendant showed you: Proper fit is important.....

Image result for Emergency landing

Gotta have oxygen at 32,000 feet.....But 3 of the three passengers we can see are wearing 'em wrong....

This picture is from the Southwest Airlines 737 that lost an engine today......

Sadly, one person died in this incident. Say a prayer for them, please. . 

Dude, so what?

Everyone seems to be making a big deal about the fact that Dicks Sporting Goods is choosing to destroy their remaining inventory of "Assault Style Rifles" instead of you know, seeling them.

WTF folks? What's the big friggin deal? Yes, Dicks management are doing the whole SJW posturing, and yes, it is kinda stupid, but they have, apparently, determined that their customer demographic is impressed by such actions. It's their (Dick's) inventory and their money that they are wasting to (supposedly) impress their customers. They can do what they want with it, just as much as the idiots on YouTube who fire thousands of rounds through an AR or AK until the handguards catch on fire and such.  At the end of the day, it is just metal and plastic. Free country and all that. Maybe Dick's can charge it off to advertising, if they can convince the IRS.....

Let's face it...they, by their actions, have lost you and me and others of our ilk as customers long ago.....there is nothing they can do to fix that, and they really can't piss us off more and make us less likely to purchase from them. So they lose a couple of tens of thousands of dollars. Obviously, they think it is worth it to pander to the folks who buy a bunch of Lycra or MicroFiber products, overpriced boots and (WAY OVERPRICED) Yeti coolers and sippy cups and such.
And really, anyone who shops at Dick's and pays Dick's higher-than-market prices for items one can buy on Amazon for 30% less is't anyone who won't be greatly impressed by their stunt of destroying those Ebil Blak Ryflez anyway. 

Tax day

Time to settle up for last year, if you haven't already.

 I didn't pay any taxes, I got some money back....


Monday, April 16, 2018

You have a week left:

Prepare accordingly...

Or don't, as the case may be......

(I'm as prepped as I'm gonna be.....I might bother to top off the cars with gas and such, and make sure I have plenty of booze, but other than that, I'm pretty well set......)

Biblical end of the world shall start on 4/23/18.

If the Rapture comes, I'm set that way too......

Sunday, April 15, 2018

He was, of course, a danger from over 50 yards away....

Or, at least, that is what the officer "reasonably believed".

I call BULLSHIT.  I say MURDER.  (HERE IS THE VIDEO....the shooting starts at 1:00....) The cops had reason to be wary, yes. The SWATTING had everyone on edge, and they thought they were surrounding the home of a man who was purported to have shot his father...

The cops were in position over 50 yards away, under cover. The poor dude, who had no idea what was going on, got shot because the cop at the back of the rifle, looking through a scope, at night, with VERY poor lighting, decided the guy on the porch was "reaching for his waistband".
He shot and killed Andrew Finch, who likely never knew why the cops were surrounding his house or why he was shot.

If I had shot anyone at that range, for ANY reason, at night, with no weapon visible, I would (rightly) be charged with, and tried for, MURDER. The cop needs to be as well.  Low lighting, a LONG distance and yet the cop was able to "be assured" that there was a weapon (hint: There wasn't...Mr Finch was unarmed).

"Officer Safety" and all that....Had there been an officer on the porch, instead of hiding across the street, then this could have perhaps been avoided.

Here's a hint for cops: If you are that afraid, then FIND ANOTHER JOB.

No, I wasn't there, and no, I don't want to be a cop....but at the end of the day, your safety doesn't trump those of the citizens you serve.

I call this, still, murder.

This might actually help:

Seems that the Californians have actually  deigned to start looking at things in a logical manner:

Los Angeles to paint streets white in order to counteract the Urban Heat Island Effect.

Note: "If the 100 largest cities in the world replaced their dark roofs with white shingles and their asphalt-based roads with concrete or other light-colored material, it could offset 44 metric gigatons (billion tons) of greenhouse gases"....More than a years worth of Human caused emissions...

Anyone who lives in the country can tell you how much asphalt creates heat in the summer. And if you live in the snowbelt, you know how much faster things melt if you can find the "Black" under the snow......

I do think that $40K per mile is a bit "salty" for what is, essentially, parking lot seal, but has there ever been a Glowbal Warming initiative where someone in power didn't make a shitload of cash in kickbacks?

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Art Bell

Has passed/Was abducted by Aliens/is being held in captivity by the Government that Kidnapped him/Is currently being kept alive at a secret Government installation/has found a path to another dimension.

Other theories are being fabricated as we speak.

Godspeed, Art.
 You were entertaining and made me think many times when I was driving late at night. 


Perhaps the Left, the "Deep State" and the Media (But I repeat myself (but I repeat myself)) thinks er don't notice??

Images stolen from HERE


Since I tossed CitiBank....

Since I cancelled my CitiBank credit card due to their stance on "gun Safety" and their decision to dictate terms of business practices to gun sellers and other gun related businesses, I have room in my wallet.

It looks like my new credit card will be a Wells Fargo card. While there are business practices that Wells Fargo has participated in in the past that I dislike, their CEO has told the American Federation of Teachers that they cannot dictate terms to the bank....and, in fact, that the bank won't be told how or whom to do business with.

I applaud his stance. Not taking sides, simply doing business and staying above the fray.

'Tis the way it should be. 


"Lack of Candor" in OIG speak is a substitute for "lying his ass off" and "Not telling the whole truth" and "Withholding evidence in testimony".

Either way, it is, apparently, a jailable offense.

Read the Report HERE.

Remember, we are supposed to trust the FBI....Sadly, I can no longer do so. I've known other Agents that were decent men, but who would lie or otherwise follow orders they KNEW to be immoral, and now, sadly, the FBI no longer has any integrity......

But he doesn't have any reason to not try

Friday, April 13, 2018

Does anyone really believe

Anything James Comey says? He's a liar, a shill, a political hack...that we know. It appears he is waging war against Trump in a slimy, weasely manner.

If he had all these "facts" why didn't we hear about them then, rather than now?

Unless, of course, it was so that he could use them against Trump make a bit of cash selling a book or three....

FAA written:

If a plane is travelling south with a wind from 004 at 14 kts what is the light signal if the cumulus clouds in the dissipating stage of a thunderstorm are tuned to the CTAF of 122.9 and the time enroute is calculated on a true airspeed of 14 knots when referring to figure 26 while calculating the landing roll using figure 23 at an angle of attack with a load factor of 45 degrees ...if the crosswind component is 13 knots what traffic should be made on runway 36 in figure 12 when the density altitude is (consult figure 15) in a crosswind from the eat while the throttle is at a setting of 65% when the altitude is 500 feet at standard temperature when flying at night in class C airspace while the transponder code is 7700 and the altimeter is set for 29.83 and the temperature is -9C and the density altitude is 5243 with an airspeed of 8 and a headwind of 17.

I got this.

ETA: took 40 minutes to do. I was done in 30, and went back and checked 'cause I had all that time....

I second guessed myself on one problem, and got it wrong the second time, and flat out didn't know two others.

so, a 95%.

I'm happy. And I know where to study for the ones I missed.

Thursday, April 12, 2018


If Donnie wants to enact REAL welfare reform, it is simple:

Make each person, able bodied or not, who is even partially mobile and who is on welfare, work.

Now, you say, there are no jobs. If that is true for their particular area....say in a 10 mile radius, then we should use some of those unused building the Federal Government owns and give them a place to report to every day at, say 8 AM....and make 'em stay there until 5 PM.....Even if they do nothing at that location.

IF folks are forced to get up and clan up and show up somewhere, even if they do no work, for 8 hours....Betcha that they will find it an incentive to find real, gainful, employment...Something that pays more. Most areas have LOTS of jobs waiting to be filled.

While they are at their place of "Employment" they can learn something. Offer classes Start with real "Three "R's" " and go from there....

What? you say? What about all those single women who have to take care of their kids???? Well, there is a few jobs right there.

We can go forward with that, and find other stuff for these folks to do...if nothing else, give 'em a set of gloves and let 'em clan up the streets or trim brush in parks or whatever you think would be needed. But make getting Federal (and Federally funded state) benefits require some mild motivation to get off the couch...show up sober and able to work...at an hour that is reasonable, but requires that one get up in the morning.

Bet that cuts down of crime too, as those folks will have to get some sleep before they get up at 6 or 7 to go to"work".

But the big thing, No More Free Rides. Gotta "work" for those government handouts  benefits. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

So I thought:

Didn't Barry get all those Syrian Chemical weapons? You know, the nonexistent ones that they got from Iraq.

But I thought Barry saved us all by getting all those weapons out of Syria.....

So who used what on those poor folks? 

Maybe I'm missing something?

Other than giving the Senators and the Representatives a chance to preen (and, if they are important enough, bloviate on and on  ad nauseum)...what, exactly, is the reason for the hearings with Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg?

I mean, as far as I can tell, Facebook didn't do anything illegal. So what is the expected result from these hearings?????It's not like FaceBook is a public company or utility.

ETA: 'Twas also pointed out to me that No One was under oath for this hearing.....)

And if you weren't aware of the fact that your personal information and it's dissemination to advertisers and other interested parties was the reason that Facebook was free....and that YOU, as the Facebook customer were, in fact, the product....Then you really are stupid, aren't you?

There is a reason that my Facebook account does not use my real name, is never opened in a browser that I normally use for other web surfing, in passed through a VPN and anonymizer, etc. I knew..... If you don't know, then you deserve whatever "invasion of privacy" you suffered. I don't have any data out there for them to "steal"

So, again, what are the (no doubt costly) hearings in Congress doing for us? What, exactly, will they accomplish? We are, after all, paying the expenses for this show trial....We should ask our congresscritters what they are accomplishing with this expenditure of our money?

ETA: Apparently, in 2011, they agreed to some sort of Consent Decree about keeping Users information private (HT: Earthbound Misfit)

I still think that if you are surprised that your data and shopping preferences and pretty much everything that FaceBook knows about you is disseminated for profit, then you are a Total Moron and you should not breed...In fact, you are a waste of air.